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Heeeey guys

alright...hii guys how are you all doing ?? i am doing very good and it can not be better...i am so happy and this weekend i was in NY CITY and it was just amazing! i just love the city! school is going pretty okay un the people here are still nice...melle gibt nichts neues bis jez   today is halloween and everybody is dressing up, but not like we in germany..some of them are wearing a clown kostuem! weird :Palright i do not know what else i have to write you guys..ah i tried to get the pictures in 'schuelervz' but i did not work..i will send you guys tomorrow some! i hope you are all doing well and you are all fine....keep in touch

love y'all!

philipp lass mich wissen ob du die mail bekommen hast

31.10.07 20:20

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