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hey guys!

we won our Senior night! it was such an emotional game...ll the seniors including me started to cry! all the parents did t shirts. on the front it says 08 was great and on the back it says hannibal seniors !! we all started to cry when we got our shirts and then laurel, jamie, tabby, samy, emily and serena wrote about the seniors and mrs arnold read it! they called each senior and then she read what the girls wrote about us. it was amazing and then the JV team decorated our lockeroom and everything! it was just amazing night!! melle...hat sein versprechen gehalten now me and me team went to the sectionals and it could be possible that we gonna be champions fgrom that league. it'd be sooo awesome. keep your fingers cross' guys!
alright have to go!

i love you + take care

Sarah <3333

16.2.08 19:31

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